Meet The Staff



Principal of Elementary and Middle School, Director of Shining Stars Preschool

Lisa George

Administrative Assistant
Student Accounts and Student Affairs
Assistant Director to Shining Stars Preschool

Jamie Sexton

School Receptionist

Mandy Keeling

Middle School Teacher 6th grade, Homeroom
4th – 7th Grade Science Teacher
Coordinator of Technology

Jean Bowden

7th Grade Homeroom, 6th/7th History, 6th/7th Math, 6th/7th English

Martha Davis

5th Grade, Homeroom Teacher

Kris Mullins

4th Grade Homeroom

Stephanie Leo

3rd Grade Teacher

Leslie Downing

2nd Grade Teacher

Tracie Patterson

2nd Grade Teacher

Sonja Medlin

1st Grade Teacher

Denise Baker

Kindergarten Teacher

Wenna Crowley

Kindergarten Teacher

Malia O’Neal

Bridge Teacher

Brenda Mann

4 Year Old Preschool Teacher

Kaylie Hernandez

3 Year Old Preschool Teacher

Amy Baker

3 Year Old Preschool Teacher

Amity Wagner

Elementary and Middle School Art & P.E. Teacher

Jamie Savell

Music and Keyboarding Teacher

Jennifer Welch

Preschool Music Teacher

Jeff Mullins

Jeff Mullins

Safety Patroller

Jennifer Carney

3 Year Old Preschool Teacher

Jennifer Brown

3 Year Old Preschool Teacher