Who Are We?

Students are encouraged to learn academically as well as spiritually in the following ways: Inquiry, Growth & Achievement, Honor & Service, and Leadership.

It is our desire that students understand that they are created by a loving God and made in His image. We were created to be people that think deeply and broadly about life with wholehearted service to God. This should motivate excellence in developing our skills and abilities.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”  Colossians 3:17


We want our students to ask questions and seek out answers through their search and exploration of resources including God’s Word. We seek to understand before being understood. When we see a problem, we approach it with zest and optimism so that we may find a solution.


Students are challenged to strive for academic excellence and to leverage their strengths. Through studying Bible, we encourage students to be leaders who are intent on making a difference within their school, family, and community.


Students are encouraged to take part in opportunities to serve the community and the less advantaged in our area. We strive to teach the importance of leaving places better than they are found. This means that we give when we are needed, we give back to those who have helped us, and we honor each other’s perspectives and experiences.


Students are trained to be leaders who consistently do the right thing and exhibit Christ-likeness. They find opportunities to take responsibility for themselves and their community through collection of offerings and participation in fundraisers that give back to those in need within our community and around the world.

What Makes Us Distinctive?

What sets our school apart from other schools is that FBCS is a nurturing, Christ-centered program, small and suitable to helping every child achieve his or her God-given potential. Our desire is that our students “grow in wisdom, stature and favor with both God and man.” Our fully biblically integrated curriculum and academics are every bit as rigorous as the best schools in Northwest Arkansas, but our mission is that our students develop a heart for serving others so that they are equipped with every tool to engage their community with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Staff and student relationships are vitally important to us. Joining our school family is a partnership where every child and family is connected to a group of like-minded believers creating long-lasting relationships.

Our Mission

The mission of First Baptist Christian School is for our students to pursue academic and spiritual excellence while growing in the grace of God’s Word and to engage others in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

More About Our Mission