All registration applications must be accompanied by the Registration Fee to be fully registered.  A $100 discount will be given off of the registration fee if registration is received by April 15, 2019.

Registration Fees

($100 discount is given for registration on or before April 15, 2019.)

Before April 15, 2019After April 15, 2019
3 year program $150$250
4 year program $200$300
Bridge program$250$350
Kindergarten-5th grade$275$375
Sixth Grade$300$400
Seventh Grade $300$400
Eighth Grade$300$400

Tuition Fees

August – May (due by the 10th day of the month)

For families with multiple children, the oldest child in the family will pay full tuition (unless FBC member), and a 15% discount will be given to the younger child/children in a family.  FBC church members will receive a 10% discount.  Only one discount per student (largest) will be applied.  For example, a younger student in a family who are FBC members will only get the 15% discount.

Annual Cost*Monthly Tuition
3 year program $2,500$225
4 year program $3,000$270
Bridge $3,400$305
Kindergarten-5th grade $4,600$422
Sixth Grade $4,800$440
Seventh Grade $4,800$440
Eighth Grade $4,800$440

*Includes Registration Fee/Tuition

After School Care (All Grades)

After school care is available for preschool students from 11:45 a.m.– 2:45 p.m. and for elementary and middle school students from 3:15 – 5:30 p.m.  There is no after school care for Preschool students on Friday. Fees are one-half in August and are the full amount in September – May.  Registration Fee must accompany registration form.


DROP IN FEE:    $14/day

1 day a week $50/month
2 days a week $85/month
3 days a week $120/month
4 days a week $150/month
5 days a week $175/month

Returning families, please complete the application form and return it with your child’s updated immunization record and a check for the Registration Fee.  ALL NEW REGISTRATION APPLICATIONS MUST INCLUDE A CURRENT IMMUNIZATION RECORD AND ALL NEW ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL APPLICATIONS MUST ALSO INCLUDE A COPY OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

New students must be the age for which they are enrolling as of AUGUST 1, 2019.

People who are interested can call 479-878-1052 to set up a time to tour our school. Preschool tours are available on Thursday mornings and Elementary and Middle School tours are available on Fridays.